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DJ Lord – Rewind [Volume 1]

Hiplife music entered the music scene in Ghana in the early 2000s and has climaxed since then. Dj Lord in his new series of mixes dubbed “Rewind” brings together all the songs we danced to, and enjoyed, dating as far back as when you started listening to music.

In this new mix titled REWIND I, the first mix under the new series, Dj Lord exhibits finesse and shows fans yet again, that there is more to mixing than just picking a song because it works.

This mix features a series of fan favourites from the mid 2000s. Listeners of this mix get to enjoy songs from artistes who have lasted and endured everything this industry has to offer. Being the first mix to be released under the REWIND collective, the mix starts off in a low tempo and climbs steadily, keeping listeners transfixed throughout the duration of this throwback tape.

It comes as no surprise that “Rewind” is premiered today, Thursday. Thursday’s in recent times have been used to serve as an avenue to replay past activities, therefore, making it the perfect day to Rewind and unwind.


Stream ‘Rewind (Volume 1)’ via Mixcloud : https://bit.ly/2y0oPad

Stream ‘Rewind (Volume 1)’ via Soundcloud : https://bit.ly/2T2aLUY

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