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How To Create A Verified PayPal Account In Ghana [2020]

PayPal is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders (Wikipedia).
Despite its worldwide usage, some countries are blacklisted to use PayPal for online business transactions, and Ghana is not an exception. I have been using PayPal in Ghana for many years with no restrictions and I want to share my experience with you on how to create and use a verified PayPal account in Ghana. Please follow every step in this guide and create a successful PayPal account today.



  1. UBA Africard (Visa)
  2. First Name: Myfirstname
  3. Last Name: Mysurname
  4. Email Address: myemailaddress@gmail.com
  5. Business Name: Forzes
  6. Phone Number: 0123456789
  7. Date of Birth: Month/Day/Year (06/28/1900)
  8. Voter ID/Passport Number: 123456789
  9. Billing Address: This is normally found on ur utility (light) bill, e.g. St1-Obuasi-
    Since Ghana is not listed amongst the countries supported by PayPal, we will use a different country’s address. In this case, we will use Kenya. This won’t cause any trouble. TRUST ME! If you want to avoid troubles, don’t login to your PayPal account on different devices and IPs. Always login with the same IP or device to avoid PayPal detecting you as a fraudster and placing limitations on your account. However, should something happen and PayPal attempts to limit your account, you can upload screenshot of your address as proof to them and they will
    lift the ban so please try and use a valid address when signing up account. Also, never use any proxy, maintain your Ghana IP address.


On the paypal homepage, click on Signup as shown here.
  • Click Personal Account. Please, don’t click on Business Account at this stage. We shall do that later. I know what I’m saying so click on PERSONAL ACCOUNT 
Click on Personal Account
  • Provide your valid email address and password in the spaces provide. NB: Password must be a combination of Capital letters, small letters and numbers. [eg. ePaypal408]
Fill in your email address & password
  • Fill in your personal details after Activating the email PayPal sent to your inbox.
Fill in your personal details
  • Where you are supposed to fill in your phone number, you will see MOBILE on the dropdown menu. Click on it and choose HOME. Maintain the country code and fill in the remaining 9 digits of your phone number. That is, if your phone number is 0123456789, just remove the 0 and put 123456789. Click Agree and Continue…
Click on it and choose HOME. Maintain the country code and fill in the remaining 9 digits of your phone number.
  • Provide your UBA Africard Information
Provide the 16 digits numbers & Expiry Date as shown on the card
Turn the back of the card & Enter the (3-digits) CVV numbers as well
Provide all the information on the card as shown here
  • On this page, just click on the PayPal Logo/Symbol at the top Left-Hand Side. I am sorry it is not showing but you will see it.
Click on the PayPal logo
  • After clicking the PayPal Logo/Symbol, you will get to this page. Scroll down until you see Upgrade to a Business Account.
Scroll down until you see Upgrade to a Business Account.
  • Select “Upgrade to a Business Account” as shown in the screenshot below:
Upgrade to a Business Account
  • Fill in your Business Info & Postal Code (00233)
Input the exact info as shown in the example here…
  • Provide More information about your business and click Continue…
Click Continue after providing your business info…
Submit your information
  • Click on Set Up Payment
Proceed to setup your payment
  • Confirm your UBA Card. Look at the top right-hand corner, where your Profile is and click on the symbol. NB: Make sure you have already confirmed your e-mail address.
Make sure you have already confirmed your e-mail address before proceeding…
  • Please NOTE this carefully. Click on Link a new card and input your UBA card details AGAIN. Then click Continue. PayPal will immediately deduct $1.95 from your UBA account but it will be refunded after you confirm. Though you had already filled your UBA Card info, I repeat that you should click Link a new card to input them again, else you won’t receive the confirmation message and you can’t verify your account.
Click on Link a new card and input your UBA card details AGAIN
  • UBA will send you a code from PayPal so check your phone for an SMS from UBA. Provide the 4 numbers in the space provided on the next page as shown below:
  • Below is how the SMS alert from your UBA account will look like, so make sure the number you used to open UBA account is active. From the screenshot, you will see: DESC: PP*1565CODE
Copy the 4 numbers. NB: Numbers are not the same so don’t copy this. This is just an example.
  • Finally, input the 4 numbers you copied in the space provided. Hit Confirm Card, and yahhhooooooooo PayPal immediately refunds your money into your UBA account.

ONLINE TRANSACTIONS. ENJOY…PayPal, the smart choice for business.

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