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Tiger nuts, dates and coconut drink when blended together and taken as a drink enhances sexual performance in men?

Tiger nuts, Dates and Coconut drink improve sexual health in men – Dates have been eaten for ages as a fabulous food that also enriches men’s sexual health. Some research states that Dates can enhance your sexual stamina. Increase sperm count – Dates contains flavonoids and oestradiol which have positive effects to increase sperm count and sperm quality. Same as Tiger nuts

There are other numerous health advantages associated with the consumption of Tiger nuts, Dates and Coconut drink. These three fruits can be blended together and taken as a drink on daily bases. It’s a combo drink with a sweet taste that helps to rejuvenate body and soul.

The three-in-one combo is a very excellent drink that helps to strengthen the body’s immune system. Tiger nuts has the ability in fighting against bacteria infections and are effective for breastfeeding women. They enhance the production of milk in the women.

The three fruit together have high contents in calcium because of it’s richness in amino acids and minerals. The minerals present in the drink assist the body to function properly and regulate it’s internal environment.

This combination drink enhance sleep and is effective in treating insomnia. It is also an an effective laxative that helps to combat constipation and improve the movement of bowels.

The drink helps to keep the heart healthy, devoid of diseases while helping to develop the cardiovascular system, at the same time.

The drink is effective in lowering the level of sugar in the blood. It improves the flow of blood in the brain, develops the muscle and sharpens your vision. It inhibits the growth of cancerous cells in your body.

Dates, Coconut and Tiger nuts drink has numerous advantages and health benefits for any one taking it. The long list of health benefits listed above is enough to motivate any health-conscious individual to incorporate this combo drink into their diet intake.

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