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Watch Freda Fathia Issaka (Rosina) Live on Atinka Tv This and Every Saturday at 7:30am

Watch Freda Fathia Issaka (Rosina) Live on Atinka Tv This and Every Saturday at 7:30am

Watch Freda Fathia Issaka (As Known As Rosina in the movie) this and every saturday at 7:30am on Atinka Tv on the famous series entitled Aye Asem. She represents in the movie as a nurse…

“AYE ASEM” is a story from David Quaye, written and directed by Ross Lalas.
“AYE ASEM” is about a young woman (Oforiwaa) who comes from the village called AYE ASEM
to the city just to make ends meet, unfortunately for her she engaged herself to a young man who got
her pregnant. In the process of their relationship, the young man influenced Oforiwaa to abort the
On an attempt a nurse advised her not to, the nurse promised to take care of her. The nurse’s intention
is to sell the unborn child to someone who is in need of a child without the knowledge of Oforiwaa.
Fortunately and unfortunately for her, she (Oforiwaa) gave birth to twins and the nurse sold out one of
the twins to Maame Yaaba who was in need of a child, so this caused separation between the twins
after their birth.
Years later, the twin brother (Akwesi Nyamekye) who was sold out set off to the village of AYE
ASEM in search of his family after realizing he is not with his biological mother (Maame Yaaba).
The twin brother (Akwesi Sarpong) lives with his mother Oforiwaa in the village of AYE ASEM.
Akwesi Sarpong is jobless and due to that, the villager sees him to be a good for nothing young man.
Agyingo also lives with his aunty Maame Nyarkoah in the same village. Agyingo also jobless, and due to
his jobless condition most of the villagers sees him to be a good for nothing young man like that of
Akwesi Sarpong.
There was a day Sarpong became very hungry. He tried other sources to get food on the table
but to no avail. He then decided to go to a cassava farm in the village and steal some cassava so that he
can fill his belly and get some for the next day. As he got there, there was no one but on an attempt to
uproot the cassava, he saw somebody coming and realized it was Agyingo, so he quickly runs to hide
himself on a tree in the farm and left his cutlass and sack on the ground. Sarpong who was watching
Agyingo from the tree, thinking Agyingo was the owner of the cassava farm, not knowing Agyingo also
came on the same motive to steal some cassavas like that of Sarpong.
As Agyingo was about uprooting the cassava, he also saw somebody (Ebo). Agyingo also run to find a
hiding place but the only safe place he could hide is the same tree Sarpong climbed (Guess what
happens up there?).Ebo also with the same mentality, came, stole the cassava and got away with
Agyingo’s sack and cutlass. Agyingo and Sarpong came down from the tree after knowing both
mentalities of being at the farm, and then they became best friends.
Aba and Densua are also best of friends. Agyingo and Aba fell in love and started a relationship as well as
Sarpong and Densua. It got to a time they (Agyingo and Sarpong) decided to travel to the city to face life
there as men with the motive of satisfying their provisional needs for their girlfriends. Agyingo and
Sarpong struggled very hard in the nearby market, helping traders with their goods and also selling of
stolen stuffs just to gather some money for their journey.
Agya Awotwe who is a lover of Aba’s mother called Aunty Adadziwaa, a leader of the women
fellowship was against the relationship between Agyingo and Aba. Due to that, he (Agya Awotwe) one
day chased Agyingo and Sarpong with a cutlass. He went to Agyingo’s house and warned Aunty
Nyarkoah (Agyingo’s Aunty) that before the week end’s one of them will be buried. Agyingo and
Sarpong plans came in mind and they left to the city without informing anybody due to their own
mentalities. Their girlfriends became disturbed and worried about their disappearance.
They got to the city and life started becoming hard for them because they have no credentials to
grant them jobs. It got to a time, Sarpong got irritated about the whole hard living in the city. So they
(Agyingo and Sarpong) decided to go back to the village, because he can get some minor jobs like
weeding and helping people at the market to get some money. As they decided to leave to the village,
they heard news on the radio that a man (Agya Awotwe) has been arrested in the village of Aye Asem
for the disappearance of the two young guys (Agyingo and Sarpong). When they heard that, they swore
not to go back to the village of Aye Asem for Agya Awotwe to rot in prison.
Now the question is…
 Will Akwesi Nyamekye ever meet his family?
 Is Akwesi Nyamekye going to return if he did not find his family?
 Will Aba and Densua move on with their life without their lovers?
 How will Agyingo and Sarpong live their lifes in the city without any credentials?
 How do they overcome the many situations and problems they encounter?
 How do they turn those situations to their favour?
 Will Aunty Adadziwaa be enthusiastic about Agyingo and Sarpong’s disappearance?
 And how will she (Adadziwaa) react on Agya Awotwe’s arrest?

As you follow this series, all these questions you keep asking yourself will be answered.

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